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My goal is to achieve the best legal outcome for my clients. Period.


Since 1989, I have provided legal services to businesses and individuals on a variety of different issues ranging from multimillion dollar disputes and acquisitions, on one end of the spectrum, to issuance of standard demand letters on the other end. I work with some clients on a weekly basis and have done so for over a decade. I take the necessary time to understand what a client wants to achieve and to develop a strategy to not only achieve it, but achieve it in an economically efficient way. It is my goal to maintain long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with all of my clients.

The first 17 years of my practice was devoted exclusively to commercial litigation.  Those years provided a thorough education  on which provisions of contracts are most likely to be disputed.  That experience is invaluable to my current practice, which now also includes drafting and negotiation of numerous contracts,  in addition to handling commercial disputes.

With any client it is my first priority to listen to them and understand where they are and where they want to be, then develop a strategy to achieve their goals. When my combination of skill and expertise complements my client’s business culture and legal needs, all our efforts are better served.

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Practice Areas
  • Representation of Owners/Managers of Real Estate, in all aspects of their business, including landlord-tenant disputes and evictions
  • Outsourced General Counsel for small to mid-sized businesses, including preparation of agreements
  • Commercial disputes
  • Contract review, preparation and negotiation





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Pleased Clients

Always puts her clients first, Ginger combines excellent legal skills with integrity and an old fashioned work ethic.

David Bower
SENIOR Vice President - Univesco, Inc.

All I can say is thanks. Ginger is extremely tactful and works to achieve the best possible results. She's confident in negotiations and was always prepared.
Frank Smith
Independent Floor Covering Sales Agent

Pretty smart. For a girl.

(Client with a good sense of humor!)

I am not sure that there is a more honest, respectful and conscientious attorney in the metroplex that compares to Ginger Tye.

L. Lee O'Conner
Co-Founder of Ellipse Communications Inc.

She is simply an excellent attorney.Ginger takes the time to undeRstand her client's business and provide counsel that is their best interest.

Steve Allison
Senior Commercial Manager, Fujitsu America, Inc.

Practice Areas

GINGER A. TYE | Attorney and Counselor

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Representation of Owners/Managers of Real Estate

Residential and commercial landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions; all aspects of representation of managers/owners of multifamily properties, including development of leases and other forms designed to make management more streamlined and efficient; disputes with tenants; and vendor contracts and disputes

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Prior to 2000, I began representing owners and managers of multi-family properties and that has been a large part of my practice since that time. I have assisted with the development and periodic updating of a standard Texas lease form and all other forms used in the apartment industry. In addition to a standard lease form, some examples of the many forms that I have worked with clients in developing are: pet, assist animal, pest control, bed bug, water, transfer agreements, employee lease, parking permit addenda, qualifying criteria, transfer application, rental application, roommate release, and community policies. I have handled all aspects of resident disputes from evictions to other types of lawsuits. Examples of the types of resident disputes I have been involved in resolving are: mold, cigarette smoke and other odor infiltration, hoarding, bed bugs, damage to the apartment by resident, and security deposit disputes. I also assist with reviewing and negotiating contracts with vendors and handling disputes with vendors, such as

GINGER TYE LAW tenant disputes

towing companies, cable, electricity, phone, roofing, and other service providers. I represent owners in negotiations and disputes with local cities regarding citations, inspection and crime control ordinances. I am an active member of the Association of Apartment Owners of Greater Dallas and the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and stay updated on all TAA forms. In 2012 I served as a member of a legal panel on legal issues impacting the apartment industry at the national Brainstorming conference. Since the mid ‘90s I have represented those in the real estate business in lawsuits over construction disputes,

development agreements and first party insurance coverage disputes regarding insurance companies’ failure to fully compensate an owner after an insured loss.


outsourced General Counsel

General/Corporate Counsel to small to mid-sized businesses

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Having a trusted advisor that knows your business inside and out is a valuable asset

Over the last 15 years of my practice I have served effectively as general counsel for small to mid-sized companies that do not have in-house counsel but have a regular or occasional need for legal services. This gives me an opportunity not only to learn my clients’ business, but to also understand their business objectives and to aid in developing long-term strategies that are consistent with those objectives and their company culture. Examples of the types of companies I have served in this type of capacity are real estate owners and management companies, web development companies, franchisees, service providers, product and service provider to the automobile industry (typically referred to in the industry as “F & I Development Companies”), a fine art storage company and a stock video company. In this capacity I have developed contracts for use with employees and independent contractors, such as confidentiality, non-compete

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and non-solicitation agreements, as well as standard employee and executive agreements. I have also worked on numerous agreements with vendors, consumer product contracts, standard customer contracts, license agreements, nondisclosure agreements, software/website development agreements and a warehouseman’s contract, in addition to maintenance of corporate records and human resources issues. I have advised clients in connection with acquisitions from letters of intent to purchase agreements. Some of these acquisitions have been of technology companies and I am experienced in advising on intellectual property due diligence issues related to same. If I do not have the expertise necessary for

a client’s particular needs, I have a good network of attorneys and accountants experienced in other areas and, with the client’s prior approval, I will involve other such professionals in handling a particular issue.



Contract review, preparation and negotiation

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Well-built contracts that PROTECT YOU IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD

Contracts require a tremendous attention to detail and focus on the terms of the deal by you and your attorney. When done properly, a good contract provides guidance and answers when questions arise as the relationship progresses between the contracting parties. Contracts give you peace of mind that you have done what you can to insure that things run smoothly. When you do a deal without a written contract or with a poorly written contract, your company and its assets are put at great legal risk. A well-written contract can save you thousands of dollars in future legal fees and in many cases, when you are talking about a customer or product contact that is used repeatedly in your business, if done properly initially, it can work well for you for many years.


Examples of some of the agreements that I have done for clients over the years: development of standard terms and conditions; employment, non-compete, confidentiality, non-solicitation, independent contractor, licensing and nondisclosure agreements; consumer product contracts, warehouseman's contracts,

web development agreements, license agreements, model releases, consumer contract products sold in the auto dealership industry, customer contracts, letters of intent, asset purchase agreements and settlement agreements.



Commercial disputes, including breach of employment, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, theft of data and trade secrets; real estate disputes, including construction, violation of purchase agreements, boundary and easement disputes; disputes among business owners, collection, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, fraud and tortious interference with contract and deceptive trade practices

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All your disputes solved

Resolving complex disputes is very much like a multilevel chess game; understanding the motivations, strengths and weaknesses of all sides and the options available to each is paramount to resolution. I work with my client as a member of their business team to develop a strategy that efficiently achieves their business objectives. And, it is not always about business; emotions that motivate the parties must also be considered and taken into account. Parties’ motivations may, and often do, change in the course of a dispute. It is important to be aware of these changing currents during the course of a dispute and to have the agility to change or adjust course accordingly.


Ginger always puts her clients first.

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GINGER A. TYE | Attorney and Counselor

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